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Club Honours


1991/2 Stan Pape Cup- Runner-up                             Seniors

          Carlisle & District League Cup winners             Seniors

1992/3 Greenall Parkinson League Cup Runners-up     Under 12

           League Champions                                        Under 18

           County Cup winners                                       Under 18

           Nichol Signs Cup winners                               Under 18

1993/4 Castletown Cup winners                                  Under 12

           Greenall Parkinson 5-a-side Champions           Under 12

           Pirelli 6-a-sde Cup winners                              Under 14

           League runners-up                                          Under 14

          Houghton 5-a-side Cup winners                         Under 16

          Nichol Signs Cup winners                                 Under 18

          League Champions                                          Under 18

          Carlisle & District League runners-up                 Seniors

          Charity Shield runners-up                                 Seniors    

          League Cup runners-up                                    Seniors

1994/5 League runners-up                                          Under 12

          League Cup runners-up                                    Under 12

          League winners                                               Under 14

          League Cup winners                                        Under 14

          Greenall Parkinson 5-a-side Champions            Under 14

          Greenall Parkinson 5-a-side Cup winners          Under 14 

           League winners                                             Under 16

           League Cup winners                                      Under 18

           League winners                                             Under 18

           Carlisle & District League Cup winners            Seniors

            Charity Shield winners                                   Seniors

1995/6 League Champions                                         Under 12

           League Cup winners                                       Under 12

           Greenall Parkinson 5-a-side champions            Under 12

           Greenall Parkinson 5-a-side Cup winners          Under 12

           League Champions                                         Under 14

           League Cup runners-up                                   Under 16

           League runners-up                                          Under 16

1996/7 Carlisle & District League Champions               Under 12

           Carlisle & District Cup winners                         Under 12

           Carlisle & District Champions League winners    Under 12

           County Cup winners                                         Under 12

           Penrith League Champions                               Under 12

           Penrith League Cup winners                              Under 12

           Penrith League Joe Fisher Cup winners              Under 12

           County Cup runners-up                                     Under 14

           Penrith Invitation Cup runners-up                        Under 14

           Charity Shield winners                                       Seniors

           Stan Pape Cup runners-up                                 Seniors

           Northern Alliance Div. 2 champions                     Seniors

           Carlisle Glass Cup winners                                 Seniors

1997/8 Northern Alliance Div. 1 runners-up                      Seniors

           Northern Alliance Combination Cup runners-up     Seniors

           Carlisle & District Charity Shield winners             Seniors

           Penrith Invitation Cup winners                             Under 16

           League Cup winners                                           Under 16

           League runners-up                                             Under 16

           County Cup runners-up                                       Under 14

1998/9 Charity Shield                                                    Seniors

           County Cup runners-up                                       Under 18

           League runners-up                                              Under 18

           County Cup runners-up                                       Under 16A

           League winners                                                  Under 16A

           League runners-up                                              Under 14

           League Cup runners-up                                       Under 12

           Silloth Invitation Cup winners                                Under 10

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