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Sporting Dinner

 The first Sunday in March is now a well established date in the local sporting calendar.

'The Shepherds', Carlisle is the venue for the Annual Northbank FC Sporting Dinner.


Sunday 5th March, 2017

Guest Speakers - John Beresford, Newcastle United.

Comedian - Kevin Connelly.

Compere - Howard Nicholson.


Sunday 6th March, 2016

Guest Speakers - Ronnie Whelan, Republic of Ireland & Liverpool.

                           - Kevin Lynch, Professional Referee.

Compere - Howard Nicholson.


Sunday 1st March, 2015

Guest Speaker - Micky Quinn, Portsmouth, Newcastle United & Coventry City.

Comedian - Gary Marshall.

Compere - Howard Nicholson.


Sunday 2nd March, 2014  

Guest Speaker – Steve Daley, Wolverhampton Wanderers & Manchester City.

Comedian – Dave Wolfe.

Compere – Howard Nicholson.

Sunday 3rd March, 2013
Guest Speaker – Joe Royle, England, Everton & Manchester City.

Comedian – Mark Langley.

Compere – Howard Nicholson                                                                                     

Sunday 4th March, 2012
Guest Speaker - Dean Saunders, Wales, Aston Villa, Liverpool & Wales.
Comedian - Brendan Healey.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 6th March, 2011
Guest Speaker - Lee Sharpe, England & Manchester United.
Comedian - Jamie Sutherland.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 7th March, 2010
Guest Speaker - Kevin Ratcliffe, Wales & Everton.
Comedian - Rudi West.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 1st March, 2009
Guest Speaker - John McGovern, Scotland, Derby County & Nottingham Forest.
Comedian - Les Gibson.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 2nd March, 2008
Guest Speaker - Jan Molby, Denmark & Liverpool.
Comedian - Lea Roberts.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 4th March, 2007
Guest Speaker - Jeff Winter, Premiership Referee.
Comedian - Josh Daniels.  Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 6th March, 2005
Guest Speaker - Alan Ball, England, Everton & Arsenal.
Comedian - John Stiles.
Compere - Howard Nicholson.
Sunday 7th March, 2004
Guest Speaker - John Aldridge, Eire & Liverpool.
Compere & Comedian - Howard Nicholson.