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Under 18's 1970

Coach-  Alan Robinson - CRB Verified                                          Cumberland County FA Coaches Association Member

Assistant-  Dave Devlin - CRB Verified


Northbank 1970 u/18's 2012/13 pictured with their shirt sponsors Alan Matthews and Sam McWhan from Edenside Carpets, Carlisle


Back row L-R Callam Plunkett, Andy Robinson, Darren McGregor, John Telfer, Jason Little, Ben Atkinson, Tom Grieve, Elliott Travers.
Front row L-R Jack McNeill, Josh Monk, Luke McGill, Joe Linden, Joe Dixon and Ben Culley.
Missing from photo were Sam Routledge, Darryl Parkin and Ashley Wheadon.

Tournaments 2012
Warwick Wanderers Tournament
This 6 a side tournament gave us an opportunity to enter 2 teams and give all of the players a chance to play for some end of season silverware. Unfortunately things didn't go well for either team at this particular event with one team failing to get out of the group stages and the other being beaten in the semi-final. Hopefully things would improve at our own Tournament.
Northbank Tournament
This tournament was scheduled to be held in June but due to events beyond our control, namely the weather, we were not able to play this event until mid August.

However, on the day of the tournament we were very happy to play with an almost complete squad in proper summer conditions.

This tournament differs from the rest being played in a 9 a side format on a full size pitch.

Four Northbank teams played each other in a round robin event with the winner of that league winning the trophy.

Our results in those three games were -- won one and drawn 2 -- matching Northbank 'A' with 5 points. However, with a superior goal difference we finished top of the pile and were the proud winners of the Keith Howlette Memorial Trophy.

The picture below shows new captain Luke McGill and most of the winning squad with the trophy.


2011 / 2012

25/3/12  Crown Newlaithes  2 - 1  Northbank 1970
Sam Routledge  MoM - Callam Plunkett
18/3/12  Northbank 'A'  1 - 2  Northbank 1970
Elliott Travers  Joe Dixon  MoM - Elliott Travers
11/3/12  Abbeytown  0 - 1  Northbank 1970
Aaron Tweedie   MoM - Josh Monk
26/2/12  Dalston JBR  2 - 7  Northbank 1970
Joe Dixon (4)  Elliott Travers (2)  Callam Plunkett  MoM - Joe Dixon
19/2/12  Northbank 1970  7 - 2  Warwick Wanderers
Kieran Perry (2)   Callam Plunkett (2)   Darren McGregor (2)  Joe Dixon   MoM - Joe DIxon
29/1/12  Northbank 1970  11 - 0  Dalston JBR
Sam Routledge (4)   Callam Plunkett (3)  Callum Denovellis  Darren McGregor  Alex Bie  Aaron Tweedie  MoM - Callum Denovellis / Joe Dixon
That game on 20/11/11 was the last match played in 2011 as the weather took a turn for the worse. After starting the season with high expectations the season having started disappointingly with an penalty shoot out defeat at Warwick had gone downhill from there with only 1 win recorded in the league and already out of both cup competitions. Hopefully 2012 would be a lot better!!
20/11/11  Northbank 1970  3 - 0  Pirelli 'A'
Aaron Tweedie (2)  Elliott Travers   MoM - Kieran Perry
13/11/11  Northbank 1970  2 - 2  Inter Pirelli
Callam Plunkett (2)   MoM - Sam Routledge
6/11/11  Crown Newlaithes  5 - 4  Northbank 1970  (aet)  (County Cup Round 2)
Sam Routledge (2)  Tom Grieve  Kieran Perry  MoM - Tom Grieve
30/10/11  Inter Pirelli  2 - 2  Northbank 1970
Callam Plunkett (2)   MoM - Josh Monk / Ben Culley
23/10/11  Northbank 1970  1 - 4  Crown Newlaithes
Joe Dixon   MoM - Joe DIxon
9/10/11  Northbank 1970  1 - 4  Northbank 'A'
Sam Routledge  MoM - Joe Dixon
2/10/11  Warwick Wanderers  2 - 2  Northbank 1970
Darren McGregor  Elliott Travers  MoM - Tweedie
25/9/11  Northbank 1970  1 - 1  Abbeytown
Luke McGill   MoM - Darren McGregor
18/9/11  Cockermouth  1 - 5  Northbank 1970 (County Cup Round 1)
Callam Plunkett (3)  Darren McGregor  Aaron Tweedie   MoM - Ben Culley
11/9/11  Pirelli 'A'   3 - 3  Northbank 1970
Callam Plunkett (2)  Elliott Travers   MoM - Darren McGregor
4/9/11  Warwick Wanderers  2 - 2  Northbank 1970 (League Cup) (Lost in penalty shoot out)

Joe Dixon   Elliott Travers     MoM - Alex Bie
Northbank 1970 u/16's Season 2011/12  
Season 2011/12 will see our team competing in the Longhorn Youth League at under 16 level. We will be one of the older age group teams this year and with some new players signed our expectations at the start of the season are high.

One of our pre season games was an away trip to face an u/17 Heston Rovers side in Dumfries. One or two players were unavailable for the trip including regular goalkeeper Jason Little but with one of our new signings, Tom Grieve, outstanding as his deputy we ended the first half all square at 0 - 0. Other new signings Ben Culley, Darren MccGregor and Joe Dixon also had the opportunity to play for their new team and immediately showed that they will be huge assets to the team in the coming seasons.

The second half was more difficult as the older Heston side used their physical advantages to good effect and ran out 3 - 0 winners.

A disappointing 2nd half but a good run out against an excellent team who are expected to be one of the main contenders in their league this season. After the game the players were photographed together and arrangements made to make this a regular pre-season fixture. Our best wishes to Heston Rovers for the coming season.

2010/11 Tournaments
Tournaments 2011
Newlaithes --- Winners!!!

A fantastic start to the end of season Tournaments with a win at the first one. This was doubly successful as we had entered 2 teams into this Tournament and both teams played their way through to contest the final, It didn't matter which team won on this occasion and it was nice for all the parents to 'put their feet up' and enjoy the game. For the record the match was won 1 - 0 but both teams were pictured with the trophy.

Warwick Wanderers Tournament
After the success of the Newlaithes Tournament it was back to earth with a bang at Warwick. We played 3 games in the group stages winning one and drawing 2 -- that wasn't good enough to reach the quarter finals and it was an early trip home empty handed.
Northbank Tournament --- Winners!!!
The final Tournament of the season was our own at Creighton Rugby Club. This was once again played in a 9 a side format on a full sized pitch and contested by 5 teams representing Northbank and Warwick Wanderers. The top two teams in a 5 team league contested the final and we found ourselves at the top playing Warwick Wanderers in that final. This was a repeat of the 2009 final and again the match went to a penalty shoot out after finishing in a 1 - 1 draw.

This time however we held our nerve and won the penalty shoot out 3 - 1 to lift the 2nd trophy of the year and give a winning end to an otherwise disappointing season.    

That second half of the season was the toughest series of games that the team had played since it was formed. However, it was to all the players credit that they kept plugging away and were eventually rewarded with the first point of the the last game!!

It came as something of a relief to move onto the end of season tournaments........something that we have always done well.
17/4/11 Northbank 1970 2 - 2 Abbeytown Kieran Perry, Aaron Tweedie, Mom - Elliott Travers
10/4/11 Northbank 1970 1 - 2 Carlisle City Kieran Perry, Mom - Jason Little
13/3/11 Abbeytown 4 - 1 Northbank 1970 Kieran Perry, Mom - Luke McGill
27/2/11 Pirelli 7 - 1 Northbank 1970 Callam Plunkett, Mom - Joe Linden
20/2/11 Northbank 1970 0 - 9 Pirelli     Mom - Kieran Perry
13/2/11 Northbank 1970 3 - 9 Dalston JBR    Sam Routledge, Elliott Travers, Kieran Perry, Mom - Sam Routledge
30/1/11 Northbank 1970 2 - 6 Inter Pirelli    Elliott Travers, Aaron Tweedie, Mom - Callum Denovellis
23/1/11 Carlisle City 6 - 1 Northbank 1970    Kieran Perry, Mom - Callam Plunkett

That victory over Stanwix was the last game we played in 2010 as the winter weather set in preventing any further football. Our record in the first part of the season was an impressive - played 9, won 7, lost 2 leaving us joint second in the league. The Longhorn League then surprisingly took the unprecedented step of cancelling the under 16 leagues mid season and starting them over again with the stronger teams all in the same league. Our success in the first half of the season put us in the 'first division' facing all of the older age group teams. This was certainly going to be a tough second half of the season!

21/11/10 Stanwix  2 - 3  NorthBank 1970                     

Aaron Tweedie (Mom), Callam Plunkett, Elliot Travers

14/11/10 Northbank1970  7 - 3  Warwick Wanderers

Kieran Perry (3), Callam Plunkett (2) (MoM),  Alex Bie and Josh Monk

7/11/10 Northbank 1970 0 - 4  Morton Manor (County Cup Rd 2)

Mom : Jason Little

31/10/10 Warwick Wanderers  1 - 4  Northbank 1970

Kieran Perry, Sam Routledge, Callam Plunkett, Alex Bie

Mom - Callum Denovellis

24/10/10 Northbank  5 - 6  Northbank 1970

Kieran Perry (3) Mom, Callam Plunket (2), Aaron Tweedie

17/10/10  Northbank 1970  3 - 1  Crown Newlaithes

Kieran Perry (2), Callam Plunkett, Mom - Alex Bie

10/10/10  Harraby C/Club  1 - 5  Northbank

Elliot Travers (2) (Mom), Alex Bie, Josh Monk, Aaron Tweedie

3/10/10  Northbank 1970  3 - 0  Stanwix

Elliot Travers, Jason Little, Alex Bie, Mom - Joe Linden

26/9/10  Pirelli  9 - 1  Northbank 1970

Alex Bie, Mom - David Osgood

19/9/10  Warwick Wdrs  2 - 4  Northbank 1970 (County Cup)

Niall Coward, Kieran Perry (3) (Mom)

12/9/10 Northbank 1970  3 - 6 Abbeytown

Josh Monk, Niall Coward, Kieran Perry (Mom)

9/9/10 Carlisle City  5 - 2  Northbank 1970 (League Cup)                   

Kieran Perry, Callam Plunkett, Mom - Callum Denovellis    

Northbank 1970 u/16's pictured outside their sponsors showroom - Edenside Carpets - with their new strip for the start of the 2010/11 season'


2009 / 10 Tournaments

Tournaments 2010

Newlaithes -- Winners !!!

What a great way to start the end of season tournaments -- a win at the first one!!

We were undefeated in the group games and progressed to a semi final against Warwick Wanderers. That game ended 1 - 1 with 1970 winning a tense penalty shoot out 4 - 3. The final against Denton Home was another very close game with few chances for either team. The game ended 0 - 0 with Northbank 1970 winning another penalty shoot out, this time by a 3 - 2 scoreline to lift the trophy.



Back row : David Osgood, Callum Denovellis (captain), Aaron Tweedie, Niall Coward, Luke Clapperton

Front row : Josh Monk, Jason Little, Callam Plunkett. (Missing from line up were Sam Routledge and Andy Robinson)

Carlisle City Tournament -- Runners up

This tournament is slightly different to the rest, being played as a 9 a side competition on an almost full size pitch. We managed wins against Northbank ‘B’, Warwick Wanderers and Pirelli ‘A’ but suffered defeats against Inter Pirelli and Denton Holme in the group stages. That was enough to put us into the final against Inter Pirelli – a repeat of last years final. Unfortunately, another defeat, this time 3 – 1 left us once again with the runners up medals.

Warwick Tournament

We arrived at this Tournament with the trophy that we won here last year. We were in confident mood having made the final of the previous two tournaments and lifting the trophy at Newlaithes. Three wins and a draw in the group games gave us a quarter final tie with Stanwix. Our confidence was shattered half way through the game when Stanwix scored after a goalmouth scramble. Despite controlling the rest of the game we couldn’t break through a resolute Stanwix defence and for the first time this year we weren’t there to contest the final.

Stanwix Tournament -- Winners !!!

This was another tournament where we arrived having won it last year. Unusually we struggled in the group stages, scoring only one goal in our three group games. However, this was still enough to reach the quarter final stages where we managed to re-discover our goal scoring form. A 2 – 0 victory against Stanwix Orange in the quarters and another 2 – 0 victory against Crown Newlaithes in the semi’s, put us into another final. After a very tight game against Stanwix ‘Orange’ the game ended 0 – 0 after extra time and another penalty shoot out. Josh Monk, Aaron Tweedie, Callam Plunkett and Joe Linden all scored from the spot and a great save from Luke
Clapperton resulted in a 4 – 3 victory and another trophy for our cabinet.


Back row : Joe Linden, Luke Clapperton, Callum Denovellis (captain), Niall Coward, Aaron Tweedie.

Front row : Richard Veitch, Josh Monk, Luke McGill, Callam Plunkett.

Northbank Tournament -- Winners !!!

We missed out on our own Tournament last year after a marathon penalty shoot out with Warwick Wanderers ended in defeat. This year was a much happier occasion despite playing all the group matches in a downpour. The sun came out for the semi finals where we played Warwick Wanderers in a repeat of the final match last year.

This time we ran out comfortable 2 – 0 winners to go through to another final.

Fittingly, it was an all Northbank final with Northbank ‘B’ our opponents after they had beaten Denton Holme in their semi. A close match ended 1 – 1 after extra time and another penalty shoot out. Callam Plunkett and Josh Monk both scored from the spot and a fantastic penalty save by Jason Little left the door open for Joe Linden to step up and coolly slot his spot kick home to record another success.

This year to mark the 40 anniversary of the club we were playing this age group for the ‘Bill Martin Cup' – named after one of the founders of Northbank FC and Bill was on hand to present the trophy to skipper Callum Denovellis.


Back row : Aaron Tweedie, Jason Little, Callum Denovellis (captain), Niall Coward, Alex Bie.

Front row : Callam Plunkett, Joe Linden, Luke McGill, Richard Veitch, Josh Monk.

Season Review 2009 / 2010

Season 09/10 saw our team compete in the Bosch Power Tools u/14 league. This was a mixture of u/14 and u/13 teams including teams with whom we have played some great games of football against. Any league involving Stanwix, Abbeytown and Crown Newlaithes Utd meant from the start that we faced some tough games and with Northbank ‘A’ looking stronger than last season we knew that we faced a tough season trying to capture top spot. 

Our opening match against Abbeytown could have been a tricky start to the season but some fantastic football from 1970 and some decisive finishing from Callam Plunkett and Sam Routledge ended in a comfortable 5 – 1 win and a lot of confidence for the next match. A League Cup win over an u/13 Northbank team and comfortable League wins over Silloth and Crown Newlaithes saw September end with an impressive played 4, won 4 record. 

October started with dreadful weather. Storms, high winds and a month’s rainfall in a less than 4 days saw most of the matches in and around Carlisle cancelled on the first weekend. Fortunately for us, we were due to play an away match at Silloth and after facing monsoon conditions on the journey there, the rain stopped and we only had a gale force wind to contend with. Several players being unavailable made team selection easy – the 11 that made the trip were the only ones available. If the bad weather wasn’t enough of an omen, the sight of Callam Plunkett laying on the ground in agony during the warm up, was another sign that our away day wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience. After having a heavy strapping applied to his injured ankle, Callam took his place on the field despite being virtually unable to walk. Playing against the wind in the first half we deservedly took the lead through a fine goal from Alex Bie but our advantage was short lived as 2 wind assisted goals from Silloth saw them take a 2 – 1 advantage into the half time break. The next 35 minutes was one way traffic played almost entirely in the Silloth half of the field but despite the woodwork being struck on several occasions, some poor finishing and some fine saves from the goalkeeper, 1970 couldn’t find the back of the net and Silloth held out to record a very unlikely victory. How significant this defeat would turn out to be would only be seen later in the season. 

The remainder of October ran true to form and wins against Abbeytown, Stanwix and Warwick Blue cemented our place at the top of the League. December started with a 2nd round league cup match against Warwick Red at the Sheepmount. Goals from Sam Routledge and Aaron Tweedie gave 1970 a comfortable half-time lead but nerves set in and Warwick equalised mid way through the second half to leave the tie balanced on a knife edge. But this 1970 side are very resilient and a late goal from Sam Routledge sealed a deserved win and a place in the semi’s. Due to the winter weather this was the last game played in 2009.  

February saw a return to action with a game against our nearest rivals Northbank ‘A’. A trademark 25 yd thunderbolt from Luke McGill and a fine run and finish from Callam Plunkett saw 1970 take a 2 – 0 lead in the game despite having less of the possession. But Northbank ‘A’ fought back in the second half scoring 2 goals to level the match and leave honours even. Comfortable back to back wins against Warwick Wanderers were a good warm up for league cup semi-final day on 13th March 2010. The draw was made on the day and lady luck wasn’t on our side – Inter Pirelli were first out of the hat, closely followed by our name. This was always going to be a difficult game but 1970 set about the opposition and there was nothing to choose between the sides at half time with the score at 0 – 0. The first half performance had given our team plenty of confidence but this was shattered when Pirelli broke away to score early in the second half. Confidence was restored with a superb equaliser from Callam Plunkett and 2 further long range efforts from the same player shaved the post with the keeper well beaten. However, if you don’t take your chances, you don’t win matches and 2 goals from Pirelli, one a defensive mix up, the other an unstoppable shot, saw 1970 miss out on a trip to Brunton Park. 

That left 2 matches to play in the league against Stanwix and the return against Northbank ‘A’. We needed to win both of these games  if we were to keep our challenge going for the league title. First up was Stanwix at Briar Bank, where a win for Stanwix would leave them favourites for a 3rd place finish. Stanwix started the match strongly and dominated the first half helped by a strong wind. However, against the run of play, 1970 broke away to take a half time lead through Sam Routledge that we barely deserved. The second half was a reverse of the first with 1970 dominating helped by the strong wind, but it was  Stanwix who grabbed an equaliser with only 5 minutes remaining to leave 1970’s title hopes in tatters. However, with only 2 minutes left on the clock, a clearance by the Stanwix defence was picked up in midfield by Luke McGill, he took it past 2 defenders and cut back onto his right foot before unleashing a 25 yarder into the top corner that the keeper didn’t even see.

 The win against Stanwix left the destination of the title still to be decided with the top two teams meeting in the final game of the season. Northbank ‘A’ needed to avoid defeat to win the title but 1970 needed to win to take the season to a play off. The ‘decider’ turned out to be a fairly drab affair with neither side creating many chances. Northbank ‘A’ took the lead late in the game with 1970 levelling with 5 minutes to go. Despite some late pressure and a couple of good chances 1970 were unable to find the winner and had to settle for the runners up place.



DateOppositionResultScorers / MoM
5th SeptAbbeytown5 - 1 WCallam Plunkett (MoM) x 2, Sam Routledge x 2, Josh Monk
12th SeptNorthbank10 - 1 WCallam Plunkett 1, Sam Routledge x 4 (MoM), Josh Monk x 1, Jason Little x 2, Alex Bie x 1, Aaron Tweedie x 1.
19th SeptSilloth5 - 2 WCallam Plunkett x 1, Sam Routledge x 1, Josh Monk x 2, Niall Coward, Richard Veitch (MoM)
26th SeptCrown Newlaithes6 - 0 WCallam Plunkett 1, Sam Routledge x 4, Aaron Tweedie x 1(MoM).
3rd OctSilloth2 - 1 LAlex Bie x 1, Joe Linden (MoM)
10th OctAbbeytown3 - 4 WAndy Robinson x 2, Luke McGill x 1, Callam Plunkett x 1 (MoM)
17th OctStanwix5 - 3 WAndy Robinson x 2, Callam Plunkett x 2, Alex Bie x 1 (MoM)
24th OctWarwick Blue8 - 1 WCallam Plunkett x 2, Sam Routledge x 3, Josh Monk x 1, Andy Robinson x 1, Aaron Tweedie x 1. Joe Linden (MoM)
1st NovNorthbank B County Cup2 - 1 LCallam Plunkett x 1 (MoM)
5th DecWarwick Red3 - 2 WSam Routledge x 2, Aaron Tweedie x 1(MoM).
6th FebNorthbank A2 - 2Luke McGill x 1, Callam Plunkett x 1 , WT(MoM)
13th FebWarwick Blue9 - 0 WSam Routledge x 3, Jason Little x 3, Josh Monk x 1, Andy Robinson x 1, Niall Coward x 1. Richard Veitch (MoM)
6th MarWarwick Blue13 - 1 WCallam Plunkett x 4 (MoM), Niall Coward x 3,Aaron Tweedie x 2, Alex Bie x 2, Richard Veitch x 1, Callum Denovellis x 1
13th MarLeague Cup Semi - Inter Pirelli3 - 1 LCallum Plunkett. Jason Little (MoM)
17th AprStanwix2 -1 WSam Routledge, Luke McGill x 1, Callam Plunkett (MoM)
24th AprNorthbank A1 - 1Sam Routledge, Callam Plunkett (MoM)


Tournaments 2009

Newlaithes Tournament

The 2009 Tournaments started slowly this year. Poor early performances in the group stages of the Newlaithes Tournament resulted in the team only just struggling through to the quarter-final stages. A better performance in the quarter final only resulted in a 0 - 0 draw and elimination in a sudden death penalty shoot-out.

Carlisle City Tournament - Runners up

The Carlisle City Tournament played 2 weeks later proved to be a much more enjoyable experience. After a defeat in the opening match against Pirelli, we went on to record victories against Newlaithes Utd, Denton Holme and Stanwix to reach the final against Pirelli. In a very even contest, one piece of bad luck led to a goal against and a 1 - 0 defeat to finish runners-up. The team may have settled for 2nd place at the start of the Tournament but the manner of defeat left a bitter taste of disappointment.

Warwick Wanderers Tournament - Winners !!!

The following weekend, Warwick Wanderers held their Tournament and the team were able to maintain their form right from the first match to record wins against Harraby Athletic (6-0), Warwick White (1-0) and Stanwix (2-0) to comfortably reach the semi-finals. A tight match against Peter Shepherds Northbank A ended in a 1-0 win and a final against Denton Holme. After defeat in the final the previous weekend, 1970 weren't going to allow themselves to walk away as runners-up again and set about a good Denton Holme side immediately. After racing into a 3-0 lead courtesy of 2 goals from Niall Coward and one from Aaron Tweedie, a lapse in concentration allowed Denton to grab a goal back. A fine headed goal from Callam Plunkett restored the 3 goal cushion and a late consolation from Denton was never going to alter the outcome. Skipper Callum Denovellis lifted 1970's first trophy for 5 years in a thoroughly well deserved victory.

Picture shows the victorious squad with the trophy.

Back Row L-R  Aaron Tweedie, Joe Linden, Jason Little, Sam Routledge and Niall Coward.Front Row L-R  Andy Robinson, Callum Denovellis, Luke McGill and Callam Plunkett.

Northbank Tournament - Runners up

Northbanks own Tournament 2 weeks later was to prove a bitter sweet affair. Marching through to the semi-final with 3 wins out of 3 in the group stages resulted in another meeting with Stanwix. The semi-final was a very close match with 1970 coming out on top in a 1-0 win courtesy of a fine goal by Andy Robinson. The final against Warwick White ended 0-0 after extra time and went into a marathon penalty shoot-out. Warwick came out on top 7-6 to leave 1970 with the runners-up medals once again. However, 3 finals, 1 win and 2 runners-up places isn't a bad return from the end of season tournaments.   

Stanwix Tournament - Winners !!!

The final competition of the season saw a return to Creighton, this time for the Stanwix Tournament. The group matches proved to be a nervy affair - a defeat and 2 draws meant a win against Harraby Athletic was essential to progress in the competition.This was successfully achieved, 1970 running out 2 - 0 winners to set up a semi-final against the host club. Another 2 - 0 win continued the run of reaching the final in each of the last 4 tournaments and a derby match against Northbank B. This game was a close affair throughout with some good attacking play from both teams. 1970 took the lead through Niall Coward with a fantastic 20 yard shot into the the top corner of the goal that gave goalkeeper Robbie Jackson no chance at all of saving. The lead lasted only a few minutes, Ryan Dean headed in a fine goal from a Ryan Pearson free kick. 1970 went ahead again with a strike from Aaron Tweedie and Callam Plunkett finished the scoring in the closing stages to seal a 3 - 1 win. Skipper Callum Denovellis ended a fine season for the team by lifting their second trophy. 

Saturday 21/02/2009

A trip to the league leaders boasting a 100% record was the daunting prospect facing the 1970 team on Saturday 21/2/09. To make matters worse, Dalston were a team of u/14 players whereas 1970 are all u/13. 

The first half was a very close affair with 1970 playing some attractive football and Dalston using their pace and power to good effect. The 1970 midfield worked hard with Aaron Tweedie and Andy Robinson outstanding in their holding roles feeding the attacking players at every opportunity. Callam Plunkett's pace and trickery was a constant menace to the Dalston defence with Niall Coward, Josh Monk and Sam Routledge all finding space to play and using the ball well. Just as 1970 were getting on top, Dalston played a long ball out of defence and the pace and control of their centre forward was too much to deal with and the ball hit the back of the net. Dalston probably thought at that stage that normal service had been resumed, but they reckoned without the skill and determination of the younger team. Within 10 minutes 1970 were on level terms. A corner swung over by Callam Plunkett was only cleared as far as the edge of the area by the Dalston defence. Luke McGill was waiting and ran onto the clearance to hit an absolute screamer from 25 yds that left the keeper clutching at thin air as it whistled past him and into the top corner of the net.

The second half began with 1970 using what little wind there was to good effect. Long kicks from keeper Jason Little were causing as many problems to the Dalston defence as the good midfield passing moves. It was a great move from the midfield area that led to Josh Monk playing an inch perfect pass down the inside left channel for Sam Routledge to run onto and outstrip the defence to curl a great left foot shot just inside the keepers post. A spell of sustained pressure from 1970 should have led to more goals but last weeks 4 goal hero, Josh Monk, was unable to convert any of the chances that fell to him.This failure to add to the scoreline could have proven costly in the last 15 minutes when the league leaders threw caution to the wind and attacked constantly. The 1970 defence of Richard Veitch, Scott Devlin, Callum Denovellis and Luke McGill refused to buckle and stood up to everything that Dalston threw at them. Aaron Tweedie dropping into a sweeper role helped the defence to remain watertight allowing Dalston only one sight of goal. That occurred with the last kick of the game when a fantastic 30 yard shot from Dalston was arrowing to the top corner - Jason Little was not going to allow it to go past him and threw himself to his left and tipped the ball over the bar. 

Dalston were sporting in defeat, to a man shaking hands with the 1970 team despite their obvious disappointment. A fantastic result for 1970 and well deserved.

Saturday 4/10/08   U/14 County Cup

Carlisle City (u/14's)  7 - 2  Northbank 1970                                        

Although it looks like a poor result, this was a fantastic performance by the younger 1970 team played in atrocious weather conditions at the Sheepmount. 

This was always going to be a difficult match for the u/13's against a team who are unbeaten in their league but 1970 rose to the challenge and gave a really good account of themselves. The match was effectively over at half time with the score at 4 - 0 but 1970 didn't allow their heads to drop and playing against the wind in the second half took the game to City. Northbank reduced the arrears shortly after the restart when Josh Monk picked up the ball just outside the penalty area, dummied a pass and took it round the centre half only to be brought down by a trailing leg. Callam Plunkett sent the keeper the wrong way from the penalty spot. City took advantage of the wind to score another 2 goals but with 10 minutes remaining 1970 scored the goal of the game. Luke McGill won the ball in midfield and the ball was moved quickly through Aaron Tweedie and Josh Monk before a pin point cross from Callam Plunkett found Alex Bie in the box who twisted acrobatically in the air to send a header beyond the reach of the keeper. City managed another scrappy goal before the final whistle but 1970 left the field with their heads held high. Everyone from Jason LIttle in the number 1 shirt to Alex Bie at number 11 earned the 'whole team' man of the match award. 

Results 2008/09


DateOppositionResultScorers / MoM
13th SeptKingstown 3 - 3 Draw Callam Plunkett x 1, Andy Robinson x 1, Sam Routledge x 1, Callum Denovellis MoM 
17th SeptCrown Newlaithes United 2 - 3 LossJason Little x 1, Callam Plunkett x 1
27th SeptTesco U13 C.Cup - Warwick Wanderers 4 - 1 LossCallam Plunkett x 1, Josh Monk (MoM)
4th OctU14 C.Cup - Carlisle City 7 - 2 LossCallam Plunkett x 1, Alex Bie x 1, WT MoM
1st NovDalston JBR 6 - 2 LossCallum Plunkett x 1, Josh Monk x 1, Aaron Tweedie (MoM)
15th NovHarraby Athletic10 - 0 WinCallam Plunkett x 3, Andy Robinson x 2, Richard Veitch x 2, Alex Bie x 1, Josh Monk x 1(MoM), Aaron Tweedie x 1
14th FebNorthbank B5 - 3 WinJosh Monk x 4 (MoM), Sam Routledge x 1
21st FebDalston JBR2 - 1 WinLuke McGill x 1(MoM), Sam Routledge x 1
28th FebAbbeytown5 - 1 WinCallam Plunkett x 1, Andy Robinson x 2,  Alex Bie x 1, Josh Monk x 1, Joe Linden(MoM)
7th MarWarwick Red2-2 DrawRichard Veitch x 1, Alex Bie x 1, Callum  Denovellis (MoM)
14th MarStanwix3-0 WinAaron Tweedie x 1,  Josh Monk x 1,  Niall Coward  x 1 (MoM)
21st MarNorthbank A1-2 LossNiall Coward x 1, WT MoM
28th MarHarraby Athletic5-0 WinAlex Bie x 1, Luke McGill x 2 (MoM), Niall Coward x 1, Josh Monk
4th AprThursby Athletic1-1Callam Plunkett , WT (MoM)
16th AprNorthbank A4-2 WinJosh Monk, Callam Plunkett, Andy Robinson, Alex Bie, Aaron Tweedie(MoM)
18th AprStanwix3-2 WinCallam Plunkett, Alex Bie (MoM), OG
21st AprAbbeytown4-2 WinJosh Monk, Callam Plunkett, Alex Bie, Callum Denovellis (MoM)
25th AprNorthbank B4-4Josh Monk, Callam Plunkett, Sam Routledge x 2 (MoM)
27th AprThursby4-1 WinAlex Bie x 2, Josh Monk x 2, Callam Plunkett (MoM)
30th AprKingstown6-1 WinJosh Monk x 3(MoM), Callam Plunkett, Sam Routledge, Andy Robinson

Player of the Year - LUKE McGILL


Sportsman of the Year - Callum Denovellis

Back Row L-R, Niall Coward, Callum Denovellis, Scott Devlin, Richard Veitch, David Osgood, Sam Routledge, Luke McGill

Front Row L-R, Jared Moore, Callum Plunkett, Andy Robinson, Luke Clapperton, Josh Monk, Jason Little, Alex Bie






TEL:  01228 596573


9th SepAbbeytownH2-2Alex Bie, Josh MonkCallum D
8th SepStanwixA3-3Sam Routledge x 2, Andy Robinson (Pen)Luke C
13th SepDalston JBRH1-0Sam RoutledgeSam R
15th SepPirelliA9-1Alex BieRichard
22nd SepHarraby AthleticH11-0Callam Plunkett x 3, Sam Routledge x 3, Josh Monk x 2, Jared moore, Jason little, Andy RobinsonCallum P
29th SepCrown NewlaithesA7-3Alex Bie. Andy Robinson, Sam RoutledgeWT
4th OctCrown Newlaithes UtdA1-1Sam RoutledgeNiall
13th OctLeague Cup - Crown NewlaithesH0-3 Luke M
20th OctNorthbankH5-2Callam Plunkett x 2, Sam Routledge, Jason little, Niall CowardCallum P
27th OctCounty Cup - Locomotive LowcaA0-9Sam Routledge x 4, Josh Monk (Pen), Jason little x 2, Andy Robinson x 2Josh
10th NovNorthbank AA2-4Sam Routledge x 3, Callam PlunkettJason
17th NovWarwick WhiteH3-1Sam Routledge x 2, Alex BieWT
24th NovKingstownA3-4Callam Plunkett x 2, Josh Monk, Jared mooreCallum P
1st DecDenton HolmeH0-5 Luke C
8th DecWarwick RedH3-3Sam Routledge, Callam Plunkett x 2Luke M
5th JanHarraby CH5-4Sam Routledge x 3, Alex Bie, Dave Osgood David
9th FebPirelliH0-5 Jason
16th FebCrown NewlaithesA3-2Callam Plunkett , Scott DevlinAndy R
1st MarWarwick WhiteH3-5Dave Osgood, Niall Coward, Callum Plunkett Niall
8th MarCounty Cup
Allerdale Leisure
H1-3Niall CowardWT
5th AprWarwick RedH3-1Sam Routledge x 2, Callam PlunkettLuke C
12th AprHarraby CA6-1Sam RoutledgeCallum D
19th AprDenton HolmeA4-1Callum PlunkettCallum P

 TEAM PHOTO 2006/7




9th SeptNorthbankWon 5-2Irving, Plunkett, Monk, Robinson, Veitch
16th SeptCrown NewlaithesLost 2-4Monk, Robinson
23rd SeptWarwick Blue (Cup)Won 12-1Plunkett 4, Robinson 2, Tweedie 2, Little, Irving, Monk, OG
1st OctNorthbank ADrew 2-2Tweedie, Plunkett
8th OctWarwick RedLost 3-4Tweedie, Robinson, Bie
14th OctDenton DynamosLost 1-6 
4th NovAbbeytownDrew 3-3Monk (2), Plunkett
11th NovPirelliLost 1-8Tweedie
18th NovHarraby CC (Lge Cup)Lost 1-3Irving
16th DecWarwick BlueWon 7-2Bie (3), Plunkett (2), Robinson, Monk
6th JanKingstownWon 7-3Tweedie (2), Bie (2), Irving, Plunkett, Robinson
20th JanNorthbankWon 6-1Plunkett (3), Monk, Tweedie, Robinson
27th JanCrown NewlaithesLost 2-5Plunkett, Irving
3rd FebNorthbank ALost 2-3Plunkett, Bie
10th FebWarwick RedWon 5-4Plunkett (2), Bie, Tweedie, Monk
24th FebHarraby CCLost 0-3 
3rd MarchAbbeytownWon 3-2Little (2), Tweedie
10th MarchPirelliLost 2-4Tweedie, Plunkett
17th MarchStanwixLost 0-1 
24th MarchCrown Newlaithes UtdDrew 2-2Plunkett, Robinson


Northbank 1970 under 10s played their first game of the season on Sunday and lost 5-0 to D & B Dynamos.

It was a very hot afternoon and Northbank took to the field with the bare 7 players and no substitutes. The side battled gamely throughout and man of the match was awarded to debutant goalkeeper Jason.

The next game for the under 10s is a derby match against Northbank A this coming weekend.